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Join a group of people interested in topics relating to sleep.  This is not your typical support network.  Come join patients and professionals discussion on sleep topics. RSVP is not necessary for any events posted.

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2019 Sleep Talk Calendar

1/8/19 Sleep studies/the who and why                                           7/9/19 Limb movements and restless leg
2/12/19 Restructuring thoughts; Sleep Without Meds                    8/13/19 Update Narcolepsy/Hypersomnia
3/12/19 Turning Off Your Thoughts at Night; Sleep Faster             9/10/2019 - Memory and sleep
4/9/19 Narcolepsy                                                                             10/8/19 NO SLEEP TALK
5/14/19 Women and Sleep                                                               11/12/2019 Sleep apnea & your heart
6/11/19 Effect of Sleep on Weight                                                     12/10/2019 Ask Dr. Z       


**When: Second Tuesday's of each month at 6pm. Where: 10707 66th Street N, Suite B, Pinellas Park, FL 33782

Jan. 10 Sleep Testing- What is sleep testing and who gets it. How can you do your own sleep test.

Feb. 13  Cognitive restructuring for sleep-You can change the way you think about sleep.

March 13 Medication effects on sleep- Medications affect sleep find out which ones and how.

April 10 Narcolepsy- Using your brain to help improve your quality of life.

May 8 Insomnia & Woman; what's the difference- Sex differences on the effect of sleep.

June 12 Sleep Effect on Weight- It's difference but doesn't have to be worse. Sleep can actually help improve the aging process.

July 10 Limb movements  - Understanding limb movements/RLS

Aug 14 Narcolepsy meet  up; Not alone-Join the topic of treatment and diagnosis. Find out what is new.

Sept 11 Medications and Sleep- How difficulty sleeping may be a medical problem.

Oct 9 Sleep & Headaches. Is your sleep affecting your weight.

Nov 17  Sleep and your Heart- The cardiac health and sleep.

Dec 12 Ask Dr. Z- Questions you want answered. Better health for the new year.

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